ION Re-Create

Activate Digitally

ION Re-Create builds your digital identity for reaching out to your patients and prospects as the world of healthcare is now being transformed by social media.

Get Discovered: More and more patients are using social media in this age and ION Re-create will help them discover your expertise.

ION Re-Create activates your presence on:

  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumbler
  • Emails
  • SMS ..and many others!

ION Speed-Reach

Engage Instantly

Great ideas spread like fragrance of flower and create unique identity to attract the prospects.

There are thousands of patients searching for health solutions online and your next expert health tip can give them proper guidance and build their trust on you.

With ION Speed-Reach, you can simply capture your expertise in the form of text, image or videos, all from the convenience of your mobile and publish it to the digital world with a single touch!

Be assured as we ensure your patients and prospects always receive your ideas and stay tuned to you.

ION Smart-Track

Measure Simply

With ION Smart-Track, get deeper insights on your social engagement. What worked and what didn’t, know everything and identify your best content.

All the graphs and charts that you need to monitor & grow are at your finger tips. Get relevant & powerful insights from Google analytics, Alexa metrics and other social media platforms.

Key Reports:

  • visitor engagement on your website
  • social platform sources of your users before landing on your website
  • total views and comments on your published posts.
  • city-wise analysis of your user base
  • top keywords used to search your presence online...and these are just a few!

What are the benefits?

ION helps doctors enhance their practice in the digital age of healthcare

Leading Edge

Use Social media knowledge in a relevant way to gain a leading edge in this age.

Build Online Reputation

Build up your reputation by showcasing your expertise on the platform, where new age people are active.

Gain New Age Patient Trust

Today’s generation depends on social media to form an impression about almost anything including healthcare.

Smart Engagement

Get real-time analysis and visualizations for keeping a track on your growth.

Ultra Easy To Use

ION is clean, intuitive and very easy to use by anyone and everyone!

Cost Effective Marketing

ION is much more cost effective than traditional marketing & the subscription options are noticeably pocket friendly.

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